? gdr art OR modern art OR both ?

In the Stadtgalerie in Dresden started on 4th april an exhibition about A.R.Penck. He is an Ex-GDR-Artist and his former name was Ralf Winkler. At this time he normaly lives in Dublin/Ireland and the exhibition contains 30 oilpaintings, 96 paperworks, 3 artbooks and one plastik. All these were produced in the GDR-time between the 50th and 70th.

The Title of the exhibition is „Sein und Wesen – Der unbekannte A.R. Penck“.

At his time in Dresden there was a repressiv strategie of art control and some of the writers have not been allowed to publish. So some of the painting and graphical artists startet a wonderfull projekt „Obergrabenpresse“ a printing press for colaboration. graphical and writing artists stood together and published together. Great work. More about this you can ask for at the nightwalk. 😉


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